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2005-04-25 16:41:37 (UTC)


Hello! Long time no... errm... write?! lol

Well... the reason i havn't written in a while is coz i was
away for a while... Went to LA which was bloody brilliant! i
love the place! lol and then when i came back, i went off to
portugal! that was also very good!
So there... not going into any more detail coz i can't be
Oooooh i got in a fight on saturday... basically these chavs
that don't like me and richard started on us on the high
street on saturday, and i ended up having chunks of my face
ripped off coz one of the guys had a fibre-glass cast on his
arm, which proceeded to grate away at my face... oh btw we
ended up in a clothes rail in dorothy perkins! lol it was
very funny! then the police turned up and arrested them! so yay!
i hope it goes to court...

Well anywho, now i've got some grazes and bruises on my
face... so i'm not pretty anymore damn it!!!

Errrm... but then afterwards i went to a party at bens, and
ended up getting very pissed and ended up at home at 5:30 in
the morning, where i slept for 5hrs, and then biked all the
way to colchester, which really doesn't take that long
actually! lol coz my mum and dad wouldn't give me a lift,
couldn't be arsed to wait for a bus... and a taxi was gonna
be 10 fucking quid! thats rediculous! although it was a
sunday... so there... but anywho... we had fun, we went to
tescos, met people, bought lots of kick and crisps, and then
went and sat in highwoods country park and laughed a lot! lol...
Thats about it...

I wore my very fit Black shirt today with pink pinstripes,
and a pink tie! lol just thought u should know that!

Pony isn't talking 2 me... i pissed her off in LA coz she
was crying one day, and i basically didn't give her any
attention, coz i was having a great day, and wasn't gonna
spoil it by having to cope with crying and depression!

But anywho, i didn't speak to her for the rest of the trip
which pissed her off...

I spoke to her last nite on msn for a bit... actually very
briefly! lol my mum came and interrupted coz she wanted to
know about police and the fight... and then when i got back,
iona hadn't said anything to me, so i decided to go to bed...
Saw her today but she avoided talking to me...

Don't know what to do about that...

Bye x

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