My Diary
2005-04-25 15:33:57 (UTC)

To my love

Breaking up with you is one of the hardest deicsion I have
ever made in my life. I only wish that you know how much I
am deeply in love with you and wish that things could
eventually work out for us.

It is 1.29am now. I just can't stop thinking about you.
Writing things down hopefully will help me to feel better
and to miss you less.

I wish I could make a real clean and clear decision about
us and on what I wanted to do next. I guess the timing is
just not right at the moment. As you said, there might be
some fundemental things that I need to sort out before we
can move on. Or perhaps if those can never be solved. We
just have to go our seperate way indefinitely.

I am looking at all the letters and e-cards you sent me.
You are the sweetest person I have ever knew and I trulyl
have strong feelings for you. Hm.... What am I talking
about? What do I really want?

[email protected] sleepness night and thinking about you