Celebelly's Life
2005-04-25 10:40:37 (UTC)

Something in the Way

Hullo all... *sings Something in the Way from Nirvana*

Ugh I am never lucky I tell you! We finally soled the pony
and ended up with a court!!!!
The new owners want to bring him back, because the stable-
owner doesn't want to supply him a stable.... =

It is just CRAP!!!! But... I did have 1 really awesome
day!!! 1 WHOLE DAY!!! WOOHOO!!!!

That was saturday the 23d of April. The biggest fantasy-
event of Europe... And THAT in HOLLAND!!!! =D
So I went there with my dress and acted goofy and it was
just amasing. Even my mom loved it. I can't explain how
awesome it is, you just have to be there!!! It is like
walking into a dream, and suddenly you are in the middle
ages, with all myths and legends come to live... *sighs

Hmm further i still feel like I am one of the living
dead... And my religion is totally coming back to me...
And.. I just realised I fall for goth guys...... =|

*huggles always* Cewe