DayDream Believer
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2005-04-25 10:31:44 (UTC)

The sun is smiling

The weather is nice, it always is right before my exams,
but its nice anyway. Things are starting to get normal,
Gracie is in the house, the sheps are giving birth to the
lambs, Karoline is a russ this year and is finaly having
some fun. I didnt like my russ periode much, but she seems
to enjoy it.
The house my father rented an appartment i, had a big fire,
he now lives in a hotel, but got a new appartment he soon
will move into. There been more stuff going on about him,
but I wont bother to write it down, as you can imagine is
just bad stuff as usal..
I was invited to a party of a girl in my study group, first
time was the time before my birthday, I got sick and had to
cancel. Then some boys in your study group invited the
whole group to party at their place. Me and this girl,
Nicole decided to go together, but then I got sick agen, I
feelt so awfull to cancel and though she would never belive
I got sick two times in a row. But she did and invited me
to her party agen. This time I did not get sick, she was
the only one I knew, cause she had only invited me from our
study group, the rest was from other study groups shes in
or have been in and friends of her and her boyfriend. But
it was one of my best parties ever! Everyone was really
nice and we had fun the wole time. There was some other
psycology students, but also other people. Tommy could come
aswell, but didnt want to.
We bouth have been sick and tired of parties for a while
and say no when we're invited, so we can stay home and
watch tv, thats how borring we becaome, but we bouth wanted
it that way. But now afther tha party with Nicole I feel
like going to parties agen. But I think Ill wait til afther
my exams.

Im not to impressed by Tommy at the moment, I guess I just
want things he cant give me. The next two weeks are going
to be so much fun, Kelly is comming home and then my family
on my fathers side is comming to stay with us. Its my
grandmother, uncle, aunt and two cousins, boy and girl. The
only thing is that I must have to give up my room, so I
must sleep in Karolines room, where she,my mother and
Gracie also will sleep, or in my other grandmothers house,
who is next by ours.
I know it seems like complaning but I really need and want
my room. I want to sleep in my bed, have my things avalible
and be able to have a place for my self where I can study.
I`ve tryed telling my mother that, but she insist we give
them three bed rooms.
But its going to be so nice to see and be with them agen,
even though I have to read and study alot.