Jordan Gravel

a secret escape
2005-04-25 09:14:28 (UTC)

summer plans.

This coming week I have my first piano jury. This is where
I play everything I learned this semester on piano,
infront of the entire jazz faculty. The cool part about
this is that I get to play with them also, so I get to
have Quentin on the drums, and Frank on bass. This is like
a dream come true.

I'm playing Song for my Father, Kim solo by Bird,
Nostalgia in Timesquare, Solar, and Someone to Watch Over

What a semester it truly has been with music. I'm so
fortunate to have met Tommy Gill, he has been not only a
great teacher, but a great friend and inpiration to go out
there and practice my ass off. I want to make him smile,
to make him know how much I dig music, and how eager I am
to take in all the stuff he has to show me.

My playing has dramatically improved, and over the summer
I have a whole semester's load of music to learn,
including All of Me, Groovin High, Speak Low, Autumn
Leaves, and the rest of the Kim solo. On top of that, I
want to learn some

Ron Carter Bass lines,
practice my 251's in every key,
and get comfortable with rhythm changes.
I also want to learn some more Gershwin tunes,
some Django tunes,
and learn the Joe Pass rhythm changes that Evan had
learned for his jury.
I want to write some of my own music,
and practice my sight reading.

Every day I want to wake up and practice my scales, then
get into my two five one routine. After that I want to
work the songs I'm working on/solo's. After this I want to
read up on theory, and work on sight reading. I want to
learn 2 new standards each week, and work on a classical
piece every day as well. This should all keep me quite
busy. On top of it all I'm going to be gigging a lot.

From home I need to get my amp, my music stand, my
classical book of music, and my easy blue book of theory
that will help be a good introduction to theory 1.

I plan on getting back into a workout routine, and also
spending time learning to meditate and learn to exist
fully in each moment of time.

I have to have enough money this summer, so I hope gigs
will be the main factor, and then I'll get a summer job if
I have to.

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