void deck
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2005-04-25 09:11:37 (UTC)

hot, hot day

today is an exceptionally hot and humid day. so
uncomfortable. and i am having menstrual cramps. can't
study. sigh. how can you do this to me.

i am so bored. i can't wait for exams to be over.

i need to start planning on what to do during the holiday.
need to start looking for jobs. need to think of someone
who would help me move to my new place. could not always
rely on kresna. he has changed.

muscle cramps... argh... this is killing me. i need to
study for goodness' sake.

3 papers in 2 days. what am i going to do... my second lit
essay scored a B ... quite disappointed because i think
it's quite a good work as compared to my first lit
essay... sigh... A for lit seems so far away now.

the 2 papers i had were not fantastically done... but
thank God that i don't feel as pathetic as last semester.

hopefully the result will turn out better.