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2005-04-25 03:51:16 (UTC)

can't sleep

it's 11:32... I can't sleep. Of course Sunday's I never can
because I always wake up late. ughhh. And when I lay down
and read... I think I will be able to fall asleep so I turn
my light off and put my book down... and then I think about
too much shit so i just lay in bed. I wish there was a
button so i could turn my mind off! Its not like I'm
stressed and thats why i'm's just everything.
I'm downloading a bunch of songs right now. I should put a
movie in because I'm sure that would put me to sleep... but
I dunno. I got accepted to Plattsburgh. I dont know if I
wrote about that in here or not. I'm waiting to get my
financial aid package in the mail. Hopefully they will send
me all the shit that I need to fill out and send back. I
really want to figure out what the hell it is that I am
doing. Tomorrow I get my first paycheck from Buckley
Landing. YAY. It should be a decent pay check too. although
unfortunately it all has to go into the bank. :( I have to
be good and not spend it. Which sucks ASS! oh well.
Tomorrow I have to stay after for math. GAY. I def. DONT
WANNA. but i need to force myself. I just need to start
doing my hw... and getting on top of things again. It's
just the unit that we were in sucked. I hate it. Hopefully
we are done with that unit. My teacher is ganna be so mad
at me. Oh well. I have gotten A's... all three marking
periods for math so actually i could fail the last
marking period and i would def. pass. But yeah I guess I
wont be a loser and do that. Actually if I did NO work at
all... I would have an average of a 71. That is great. I
got a 99 the first quarter, a 96 the second, and a 91 this
past quarter. If I get at least an 80 average will be
like a 91. thats nice. So anyways... I'm freezing. I wish
it would be nice out again. I want it to be at least 70.
Yes that would be nice. But I have to was nice
for once working and being in the kitchen and not sweating
to death. I can't imagine what it will be like in the
summer. god.

Hahaha ... I downloaded LFO-- summer girls. I love that
song. I love LFO. haha how corny am I?!?! That's alright
though. i don't know why... I just like their songs.
And Last night i asked joey about a band that I forgot the
name of... but it was sugarcult. I downloaded some of their
songs. I like them too.
OMG i'm not even tired right now. What is wrong with me!?
oh well I am going to go try and do something maybe a
little productive