Nick's Journal
2005-04-25 02:36:15 (UTC)

Apparently I'm just not feelin it

so one of my coworkers was kind enough to let me in on her
favorite type of music (trendy rap). she played some 50
cent, ludacris, and will smith for me (how very eclectic).
after having heard will smith telling me that he wants to
fuck everything that has atleast 10 teeth and three hairs on
its body, i'm listening to 50 cent actually saying,
"if the roofs on fire let the mother fucker burn, cos if
you're talkin' bout money, honey i ain't concerned."
hm, how very counter intuitive. apparently a new status
symbol in the rap culture is seeing how many roofs you can
ignite with your rabidly misogynistic degradations popularly
known as "grinding", then barking into a microphone that you
aren't too concerned about this one roof burning above your
head as you have enough money to buy yourself finer,
sturdier, and possibly asbestos lined roofs.
we then listened to ludacris who sounds like he swallowed a
harmonica, and is constantly trying to cough it up. after
about 3 hours of listening to this bumpin' music at work i
informed my coworker that i thought that most of the lyrics
were stupid and simplistic. then she got into this whole
thing about how some man called "the game" was having some
beef (not the dinner-type, the rapper-don't-like-each-other
kind), with 50. she was going off topic about how the game
was running his fuckin' mouth and takin all the credit for
what was rightfully 50's innovative talent. the song itself
sounded like a cat was having a stomach problem and was then
shot to death at the end of the song to put it out of its
about 70% of 50's lyrics involved him discharging enough
fire arms to light up half of the midwest like vietnam. he
must be the nra's wet dream. i wonder if he just raps out
at some shooting range or if the recording studio is really
some sort of open field in montana on which he hunts small
woodland creatures while barking a few incoherent hateful
well either way, nothing is actually funnier than will
smith's inlay for his cd. on every picture the man looks
like he wants me undressed and lying next to him. is it
possible for mr. smith to possibly not look like he's trying
to get a staturory rape charge in every state?
as i pointed out these few notes, my coworker promptly told
me that i just had the white man's syndrome of "not feelin'
it" apparently i'm not able to identify with the life of
these poor down-trodden millionaires, half of which have the
emotional intelligence of two year olds (she's right). but
the best of all is fat joe. i'm glad he's able to embrace
his obesity, but i have a feeling he is still a touchy
individaul. after having watched some mtv special on which
they had an imax camera following him around (apparently the
only camera with a lens wide enough to fit his fat ass), i
noticed that about 99.99% of fat joe's life revolves around
letting people know that he is either,
a.) down with the respect that he is being shown and that he
cares to drown them in courvoiser and hennessy to express
his gratitude
b.) that he is not down with how little respect he is being
shown and that he cares to drown them in courvoiser and
hennessy to express his displeasure with their stance, right
after he pumps them full of an assembly line of arsenal that
he seemingly has stashed in the back of his size 55 waist
well either way. i am going to try to "feel it".