Tales from the Late, Great, Kate
2005-04-25 01:58:44 (UTC)

Sunday, the day before Tuesday, April 24, 2005

Hey, I saw the day before Tuesday cause no school on
Monday, the first day of the week that I go to school, but
there's school on Tuesday, and Sunday always comes before
the first day of school...anyways lol.

I'm scared. Why? For our world. I'm also sad. I mean so
many ppl take for granted what we have every day! I mean,
we can see. How lucky are we, those who can see? There are
so many beautiful colors in this world. And this is also
why I'm sad. I'm sad that we are destroying this world.
This world is not ready to be destroyed. First every
single one of us, every single person living on this earth
must realize how lucky and presious life is, then, and
only then, will our world be ready. At least, that's how I
feel right now. Why am I scared? I'm not exactly sure. I'm
scared for myself right now. That I'll lead a life that
will make me cry when I look back at it. I'm afraid that
I'm not a good enough of a friend and a human being. I am

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