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2005-04-25 00:08:15 (UTC)

Short Trip

I'm still not feeling well and didn't go to church this
morning but this afternoon John wanted to go into town to do
some shopping and so we went. I went to Home Base looking
for flowers for the front yard but it was very crowded and I
felt tired just walking from the parking lot to the store so
I found John, who was looking at new lawn mowers, that I'd
just wait in the car for him. We also went to Costco and
even though it too was crowded with other shoppers, we were
done quickly as I only had about a half-dozen items on my
list. The trip tired me out so much I began dinner and then
took a short nap while it finished cooking. My throat
doesn't hurt nearly as badly now but I can't say I really
feel better either.

Tomorrow when Hugh is in class I'll go to the quilt shop and
buy more fabrics for the 25th wedding anniversary quilt. I
think I'll look for some backing fabric for it as well.

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