How To Be Dead

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2005-04-24 23:25:27 (UTC)

Your First Kiss And Your First Big Mistake!

I went to see 'The Amityville Horror' today. It was good.
Not as scary as I was expecting it to be but the people I
went with were cool. Aine just held her hands over her
ears and looked at me for the whole movie..haha! Meabh
screamed at anything. Then the rest just watched the movie
in silence. Doesn't sound that fun but it was! I got three
cds too. I got 'From Autumn To Ashes'..'Hawthorne Heights'
and 'Dead Poetic'. Me and Sinead went in at 5 o'clock
cause we wanted to buy cds. Orla and Niamh came at around
5.45 cause they were in town first. Aine, Meabh, Ursula
and Steph came at 6.30 cause Steph was working! After we
got our cds we had nothing to do so we just went into
Monsoon to annoy Christina. That was okay. Then we went
cinema. Then we went home. This guy that likes Orla rang
Sinead and asked Sinead, me and Orla to go to the cinema
with him next week but I'm going to Cork and apparently
Orla's going to Mullingar. She's never seen him before and
he seen her picture on the internet. I have no idea what
he see's in her tho. That was my day basically. Funtastic!
Right now, I'm just looking up random sites and talking to
Marc. I broke my iriver today. Still no Ashley. Msn isn't
the same without her. Haha, I'll mention her in very entry
from now on just to annoy Sinead =)! Plus..everytime I
write in this I'll probably be like 'I wish Ashley was on'
cause the internet is just so boring these days!
Hi Kia =) says:
you should date ashley
There's A Million Reasons Why I Cry... says:
Hi Kia =) says:
Sarah says:
Hi Kia =) says:
Hi Kia =) says:
it be koool
Haha! Didn't think I talked about her that much! Cute
little Marc!