Autum's Leaves
2005-04-24 21:16:44 (UTC)

Mulitcolored Evil

Yes, it's about Prom. That one hellish night I had to
don an uncomfortable dress, sadistically painful shoes,
spend more money than I had and endure tens of girls
screaming and bouncing because they recognized each other
out of the teeming teeny bopper crowd.

What was I thinking?

First we ate dinner, at Makoto's so they could have
plenty of chances to throw stuff on my $160 dress. Yes,
getting hit on while there was sort of nice, but then we
had to leave. It's snowing outside, which is beyond crazy,
and we run to get to Legends. We carpool. Why not? I'm
ecologically friendly, or at least try to be. I leave my
car at the resturant and we drive over. We arrive at
precisely 9 o'clock. I was ready to go in an hour. I took
pictures of all my friends, that was great, got my picture
taken, that was great, got my picture taken with some of
the cutest guys in our grade, that was better, but after
that, no so much. People "danced" and proved just how
utterly white we all are.

Then came the urge for me to leave, oh, but surprise, I
left my car at the resturant, and the keys to my missing
car were in my friends car. My bud and I had to stand
around for twenty minutes trying to find someone who was
leaving so we could get a ride to my car.

In the end, I took him home then I went home and slept.
Today is my relax day. I may go into town for some cheap
food since we have no food at my house, but other than
that, I'm watching movies, reading and playing on the net.

Oh glorious day that I don't have to do anything.

Oh glorious day that I don't have to deal with Prom

*sigh of content* Everyday's a good day for not doing