Nephanie's Life
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2005-04-24 20:33:47 (UTC)


Wow! It's been so long. I realized i should keep typing in
here b/c my emotions are starting to catch up with me
again. I get so confused and try to confide in people, but
its like i'm just stressin them with my problems, and thats
the last thing i want to do. I can't believe my diary has
been so dark and glum. I don't know what happened, but
whatever it was made me a very bitter person. So much has
made me bitter...Being betrayed so many just
get sick of it after a while....The whole matt experience
is a perfect example. I really had strong feelings for him
believe it or not. He was all i thought about from the time
i woke up until i went to sleep. But things change, faster
than I can take...people forget how they feel...Yah
anyways....I'm also not afraid to be alone anymore...I
don't need stupid people talking behind my back. Its
rediculous. I'm not concerned on how everyone percieves
me. I'm me take it or leave it. I do really miss Olivia
though and Spatula. And i really like someone that will
never notice i'm for real about dating
he's got a gf which sucks, but hey i'll live. He's just so
nice and cute...and he'd be so good for me b/c he's so
different from everyone else i've been with...Grrr! Lol
yah....ANYWAYS!!! I'm least i can admit it;p

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