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2005-04-24 17:54:15 (UTC)

Mexico was AWESOME

Hey, sorry i havn't written in a while. Kinda fforgot i
even had a journal for a while, lol. So anyways, Mexico
was awesome. We stayed in this beautiful hotel with palm
trees all over the place right next to the ocean. It was
beautiful! We went snorkling, jet skiing, went on a pirate
ship, and took a tour through the jungle. I got stung by
jellyfish for the first time when we went snorkling so i
got freaked out really bad and i got motion sickness
really bad. But oh well. The trip was still so awesome. We
took over 200 pictures so i have this huge photo album of
the entire trip. The weather there was perfect. Everyday
the sun was shining and the temperature was in the upper
80's the entire time. I did not want to leave and go back
to the cold weather when it was time to go. I got
sunburned when we went there though and ended up getting
sun poisoning but at least i wasn't pale anymore. i was
hoping the tan would last when prom came around but i
think its pretty much almost gone. I was going to go
tanning for prom but since i got sun poisoning i didn't
wanna take any chances. So oh well, my dress is really
pretty for prom by the way. Its white with pink and purple
flowers all over. I can't wait to wear it. I got matching
pink and purple flowers to go in my hair. Yeah i hafta do
my own hair cuz my mom doesn't wanna "waste" any money on
me. Long story. But oh well. i hope prom goes ok. i'm sure
it will. i just hope our parents don't ruin it for us or
something. another long story. i swear, if they give us a
curfew i'm gonna be mad, lol. For dinner we're going to
that restaurant called Kelseys with a bunch of people i
don't know. so it should be fun. The day after prom we
might go to the feild museum in chicago. That should be
fun. I'm looking forward to that. I mean, even if we don't
go, i'm sure whatever we do will be fun. Spending and
entire weekend with Sean could never be not fun, lol. So
anyways, i think i'm gonna go now, ttyl.

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