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2005-04-24 11:09:50 (UTC)

and again...

i was having pms lately. true enough. the time has come.

i am having a verbal diarrhoea today. i need to write down
things going into my head. i can't study today. nothing
seems to go into my brain. many things are pleading to be
let out.

depressed. depressed. why should i always mess up my life.

i need a hug from a friend. a really good hug. one that
will tell me that everything's going to be alright,
because they will. one that will give me comfort, one that
just be. one that will make me cry my heart out (something
i seriously need right now).

and i think of who's going to give me that hug. shirvy is
not really a hug type of friend. lee ting neither.
tessie... nah. it'll probably be angie. but angie does not
know things that i have been going through. it will feel
weird to suddenly tell her that i need a hug. kresna?
bloody hell, no.

sad, really. i have no friends i could go to just when i
need them the most. sad. really, really sad.

hellish week in sight. exams... exams...

going to be an ad columns stalker again next week... gotta
find something to do during the much-awaited-and-feared 3
month holiday.

who should i go to now... i need a friend!!! sob... i am
depressed. silly fanni... silly girl.

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