Chill out!
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2005-04-24 09:56:19 (UTC)


3 weeks till the eisteddfod, thanks very much to Mrs
Chapplle for giving me an extra lesson and I can relax
just a little bit alothough I am still stressed out. Oh
well, I believe in myself that I will be fine.
I killed myself today, Ha I am totally kidding, but I hurt
myself. I was riding my scooter in the GARAGE (God why did
I do that?), and I ran into the glass and the wheel got
trapped to the curtain thingy and I tripped and bruised my
knee OUCH.
I sometimes imagine if I was a bird, I would fly to the
places I have never been and I imagaine if I was my
boyfriend, so I would know how I (HE) feel.
Imagination is the highest kite can fly coz you can think
of anything you want and the happy spirits lift u up.
Ouch I just banged my knee.It hurts so much.
I am thinking about what to do for my birthday, I wanna go
to Wet"n"wild again. with a group of friends.It will be
cool. Its ANZAC DAY tomoroow, we have marching to do I
really dun want to but I have to ARGH