About a Girl
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2005-04-24 04:32:18 (UTC)

i'll set you i'll set it off

last nite agatha wuz like let's invite jason to ur bday
party and im like no..cuz my parents don't like him much
and i don't like him and we have drifted apart so there
really wuz no point....
matt said (don't tell jac) that i should wear more low cut
tops cuz i look good in them..i wore one recently and i
already planned to wear it to the party..itz kinda cool
when u don't wear a shirt like that and all of the sudden
u do and u notice that every guy is looking..the first day
i wore it i wuz like wow this is great..
it rained today for like 5mins and i went outside and
danced in the rain in a white top but no guys were around
to see that..

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