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2005-04-23 23:51:15 (UTC)

Not Feeling Well

I'm glad I did the yard work yesterday. Not only is it
raining today but I've also come down sick with a bad sore
throat that threatens to become a cold. John had this last
week and it only lasted for a few days so I hope I'm as
lucky as he was and it doesn't turn into something worse.

We don't need to go to town this week-end as all the
shopping and errands were done last week. I woke up very
early this morning and made us breakfast (fruit salad,
sausages, eggs, toast and coffee), did a few of the
essential chores (laundry, cleaning the kitchen and the
dishes) but spent the rest of the morning reading and dozing
in bed. I got up at noon to make our lunch (grilled cheese
sandwiches and cream of tomato soup) and then went back to
reading and dozing. I worked a bit on the appliqué for our
25th wedding anniversary quilt but it tired me rather
quickly and I went back to reading, snatching bits of sleep
here and there.

I probably won't go to church tomorrow morning as I don't
want to get anyone else sick. If I'm feeling a bit better
we may make a quick trip to Corvallis; otherwise tomorrow
will likely be a repeat of today except I'll try to do a bit
of baking for next week's lunches.