How To Be Dead

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2005-04-23 23:14:57 (UTC)


Today was Saturday. I got up at around 11.45. Came
downstairs. Watched tv for a bit but there was nothing on
except for Charmed. So, then I came on the internet and to
my surprise the only person on was Orla! Orla lives on
msn. Then Marc came on =)! Then Marc left for a shower and
he was spending the day with Kia. Then I went out with
Sinead. We called for Ursula and she came out and then we
went to the shop and I got a roll which was my dinner. On
the way back from the shop we seen Niamh and Orla(so she
doesn't quite LIVE on msn!) sitting on a i
decided to text Niamh off Ursulas phone cause they didnt
have her I texted Niamh saying 'I see you' and
we hid! So Niamh and Orla..stood up on the wall and
started looking around shouting 'SINEAD'..'SARAH' so it
must of been pretty obvious it was us! Then we went over
to them and we...talked for a while and then we went home.
We went to Ursulas house and then me and Sinead went to
mine. Then Orla and Steph called for me. So I went out.
Then we called for Aine..and she was just after getting
home from swimming so we went into her house and just
talked for ages. Then I came home..talked to my mam for a
while..and then came on here. I signed into msn and boom
no Ashley =(! only a stupid Sinead ;p! Anyways, I heard
Ashley is suppose to be back next month so hopefully she
will be! I wanna talk to her ;(