whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-04-23 17:39:49 (UTC)

_-_-*-_-_ShellY bElly_-_-*-_-_

shelly belly's here!!im so happi 2 spend time wit ha cuz i
missed my lil babi so much!this is a gurl,ma babi.i love
has so the way if u didnt alreadi kno shelly belly
b.k.a Kharizma is my 3 yr. old cuzin that i basicalli
raised until evry1 else started destroyin ha childhood.but
that anotha jus glad 2 hav ha wit me now evn tho
shes annoyin me cuz she wanna play dora the she
wants me 2 take a pic of ha so lemme do this b4 she goes
crazi.its not like i had much mo 2 write n-e way lol cuz i
wuz realli jus gonna say she wuz here.well now u kno who
she is so if i eva mention ha u wont b clueless.shoutz out
(lol) 2 ma shellz.

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