whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-04-23 17:27:56 (UTC)

enuff iz enuff {no longa frendz}

basicalli sum1 who is my so called best frend im not talkin
2 once again.and once again it has 2 do wit a boi,how
rediculous!so wat happened wuz i thought this boi "wax" was
cute and my home gurl happened 2 b chill wit him so
she and i r n the hall talkin bout him n speak of the devil
he comes walkin down the hall mind you he duznt kno wat i
look as he passes us he hugs her and makes her
walk wit him so as theyre walking shes like "thats tyna,the
gurl that likes u" or hes like aight imma holla @ ha
lata.the next dai i c ha n da hall n shes like he sed im 2
yung or w.e but do i wanna "......"(i refuse 2 say the
disgusting comment he made).pretty much it was a sexual
remark involving me n him and she didnt get it but i did
so i wuz very offended by it cuz obviousli he has no clue
wat im about, im not like dat and she knows that!so wen
we're in class(me n my homegurl)i tell her that im offended
and im no longa interested n him and i want him 2 kno wat
he sed wuz rude and nasti.then she starts wildin out sayin
stupid crap like i deserved wat he sed and stuff like she
dont blame him blah blah blah and im like woah! u s'posed 2
b my best frend get the hell outta here!so i wuz pissed and
i let it go cuz i didnt wanna talk about it n-e mo.then wen
i get up 2 giv sumthin 2 the teacher she keeps goin n i say
i dont wanna talk about it n keep walkin away.then she says
realli loud"its not my f-n fault..."n my teachers like woah!
wutz the problem?! then next thing i kno my so called frend
starts yellin my business out in front of the whole damn
class!cursin and carryin on and i dont curse so wen sum1
curses around me or especailli at me i get crazi but i
didnt say n-e wayz she blabbin out false statements
of my business 2 the teacher n the class talkin bout i fall
n and out of luv evry "f-n" day n basicalli sayin
2 myself wat the hell is she talkin bout?but i dont say n-e
thin bac 2 ha cuz if i did it wuldve been nice.i think she
forgot that i kno alot ha personal business too and i culda
put ha on blast like she wuz doin me but thats not evn my now im like no real frend wuld do sumthin like
that and that wuz so wrong of ha but its aight.i didnt
argue wit ha i jus let ha do ha thing and say crap that
wasnt tru about me 2 evry1.its aight tho cuz i dont need
a "Frend" like ha n-e i wuld be wrong if i told all
ha TRU personal business in front of the whole damn lunch
room or sumthin.but ill leve the revenge 2 God.
well that was the highlight of my out
ta~ta TynA )*(smooches)*(
p.s wat wondaful frendz i hav!!

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