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2005-04-23 10:38:26 (UTC)


You can always have a way,
I have seen so many faces,
Finding their own way.

Don't hesitate or just sit,
Get up, do it and repeat it.
Someday it will come to you,
I am sure you deserve it.

It's your dream or desire,
I don't know what so ever.
You got to have a fire,
Inside you, to acquire.

Since the beginning man has been,
He has seen, he has seen.
Tried and got what he wanted,
And made himself feel enchanted.

I know you can.
You know you can.

May be winter or rain,
So many coming up pain.
Don't worry and get going,
Your 'Success' is on its way.

Get ready to pay the price,
It's worth it and itÂ’s nice.
It's not so easy and cheap,
You will get joys in heap.

Just a step towards its way,
In every effort there is a bay.
Jump over and conquer the bay,
Don't fear tomorrow it your,
But you have to struggle today.

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