My Life & My Memories
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2005-04-23 06:39:02 (UTC)

Where does time fly???

Its just feels like it was yesterday that I was in the
hospital holding my little brother in my arms and today he
is taller than me. Where did 15 years fly by? Sometimes I
just wish I could turn time back and re-live those
wonderful innocent days all over again...ammend all the
mistakes I made and make everything right...thats my
biggest dream to set everything in my past right...sigh...

My best friend got engaged and soon she will be married!!
is she really engaged?? I always wanted her to get engaged
and get settled...I think she will be by the end of this

Life moves too fast sometimes...just look at this year...I
was waiting for February and my vacation and now we are
almost in May...I turned 23 for crying out loud and I am
still a single!!! Half of my friends are either married or
are engaged or seeing someone...

Will I ever find someone?? Someone I want to spend my
entire life with? Haha! COrrection, someone who wants to
spend *his* entire life with *me*?? I think I need to take
it easy and relax and not freak out at the idea of
commitment which is what is happening right now. The wall
that I had built around me needs to come down...I need to
let go. Its not that easy though..I dont do it
intentionally, it just happens, I dont let anyone get too
close or intimate with me. I like to keep my distances. I
dont know what I am looking for or who I am looking for
(maybe I know who) but will I find him??? A million dollar
question...I am tired of answering...I think I am going to
go now...had a long day and I have another one waiting for
me tomorrow...

See laters...I dont know when...maybe when I need someone
to talk to :)

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