Anne Frank to Bridget Jones
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2005-04-23 02:15:35 (UTC)

got conviction?

I was driving around yesterday in an area laden with
graffiti. Some of it was beautiful. Some of it was very
artistic, maybe some of it had meaning and maybe some of it
was creative impulse. And there was tagging. Tagging has no
beauty, only meaning. One tag caught my eye. It was written
in dull red krylon and read "got jesus?" Would Jesus
condone vandalism in his name? The funny thing is, I think
that is a valid question. Is tagging a wall really that
much of a sacrifice to spread the word of God? Especially
considering everything that has been sacrificed in his
name. I guess the real question is, would Jesus condone
using a milk commercial to advertise himself?

I have this image in my head. Pat Robertson is at a board
meeting with his staff. A stuffy room, a long rectangular
table. Men in suits with red or blue ties, women in proper
toupe pantsuits. Sipping coffee or tea. Strictly business.
An advisor is showing a graph and reviewing the latest
statistics, christian popularity among various demographs.

"As the boomers enter mid-life, and increasing number of
them are turning to Jesus" the advisor says proudly,
pointing to the corresponding graph with a long pointed
metal stick. He is in his early thirties, dark brown hair
parted on the side and an obnoxiously white beaming
smile. "And the turmoil in the middle east has had a
wonderfully polarizing effect. We are seeing a sharp rise
in christian fundamentalism."

The smile wanes.

"But we are still having trouble with the youth. The 'Rock
for Jesus' campaign isnt going as well as we had hoped. It
seems as though rock music doesnt have the same impact as
it used to. I believe it is time to broaden our horizons. I
suggest we take a more... err... urban... aproach.
Emphasize our, what kids today call 'street credibility.' I
propose we assemble a team to go into urban areas and poor
neighbourhoods and advertise there, by way of 'urban art.'"

His smile grows bigger and whiter than ever.

"We will reach these youngsters in their own language.
Meanwhile saving a bundle in advertising. A good way to do
this is to incorporate a catch phrase that is popular
today. Any ideas?"

He looks around the room as they sit silently pondering.
The only movement is one woman at the table pouring milk
into her coffee.