my own corner of the world
2005-04-23 02:03:48 (UTC)

Prom, placement testing, my birthday.....

I haven't written anything in a while... Not because I've
been so busy I just haven't had the time, but more because
there's just no point in writing anything when there's
really nothing to say.... Why am I so boring????

Prom is tomorrow... That should be fun at least...
There's like 20 of us going to Pizza Hut to eat before the
dance... Amanda's my "date" because neither of us could
find guys to go with... Or more truthfully, no guys asked
us and we really didn't care all that much so we decided
we were eachothers' date.
Placement Testing is tomorrow too at fricken 8 in the
morning. That's gonna suck ass. I really don't wanna
have to get up that early in the morning to go take a
test. They should even make those tests that early in the
morning, cuz who can test to the best of their ability at
8 in the morning??!! But whatever... it's a necessary
evil I guess.

I'm so excited, next Thursday is my birthday!!!!! On
Friday night I'm going to the play at school, and then out
with a bunch of friends to Perkins and then back to my
house to play spoons... It should be a damn good time...

Well I think that's all I'm gonna talk about for now, cuz
I just realized that I have to take a math part in that
placement test tomorrow and I left my calculator at
school, so I'm gonna have to try and find one at home....
I might cry if I can't find one.

-I can't think of a good quote to end this one....