My Hero
2005-04-23 00:14:17 (UTC)

so inspiring!

Okay, I just read all the entries of a friend of mine, and
I was so surprised! I thought that it wasn't her!
Everything she said fits in w/exactly what I know about
her, but there was just so much more.

I didn't update because this site has recently been
blocked by the school, depressing.


I believe in thy valor
I believe in thy noble heart
I believe in thy chivalry
in thy holiness
in thy loyalty
In thy smile.
Some knights grow thick mustaches
Some nights hold intense stares
Some knights are wild, and dark
All of this I would've liked well
But your smiling eyes captivate
because, you are, my knight

And if we were to go back in time
to the land of the knights
I would not choose to be the princess
but a filthy peasant girl
who watches her knight ride by
and away

into the light

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