2005-04-22 20:08:45 (UTC)


So apparently my dreams make people uneasy....I won't lie
sometimes they scare me too...Some people ask how I get some
of these feelings and they come true...God must love me or

I do not like talking about people behind their backs...and
even worse I don't like it when someone thinks I am that
dumb to tell me something to my face and do another thing
behind my back.

My horoscope today said "How you see someone could change if
you detach" Trust me there are alot of people that I want
to detach from...

The other night I made my first lasagna!!!! =) might I add
that it kicked ASS!!! I was very pleased with how it turned
out, and so were the rest of you who ate time I
know to make more.Hahaha

Hung out with the girls last night!! Les, Shena, Kat..I
heart you girls..That was a fun night of
SEX....BOOZE....LAUGHTER...all thanks to SATC!!! Thanks for
getting me hooked on that show Kat ;)

Some people say that when I meet that someone I will
know...Honestly, I think I am suppose to be that girl that
goes to all of her friends weddings single...who lives a
life of her own, her own way. I hook up the rest of my
friends before I do myself. I guess that is because I tend
to care more about other people than I do myself.

Scary thing happend to me yesterday......I found a lump! So
I freaked out at first and called my parents..I guess having
this bone disease really puts things into persepective for
me sometimes. Ask me if I died today if I would die happy?
The answer to that question would be yes.. I would be so
thankful for all of those who have come in and walked out of
my life, because I feel like I have learned alot. Not sure
what my purpose on this earth was if I did die today...I
know you are all probably thinking, JESSICA what the @#$%
When something puts a scare into your life I guess you just
get to this leads me to my final thought...

Live everyday as if you were going to die the next..say what
you feel because you should never look back and wish you had
said something when you didn't. Do everything within your
capability. Just live life....

You are damned if you do and damned if you don't....
Personally I would rather be damned knowing I did, than
knowing I didn't ;)