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2005-04-22 17:14:04 (UTC)

Can't even sign ur own name

I fuckin pissed now. This is to you BITCH off tha
Logic site you kno who you are, here is a message to you.
Who tha fuck do you think you are? Gonna get on tha
internet and read my shit, and gonna ttry to be a smart ass
and not even gonna sign your own muthafuckin name? Shake it
don't break it bitch and if you learn that you'll be
straight, but since you don't even kno me, aint even gonna
come up to my face and say tha shit, is gonna say it where
i can't see you, and i cant reach you, well bitch if you
cant handle your own shit that's straight you just STAY IN
YOUR FUCKIN PLACE BITCH. And that's all i gotta say to you.


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