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2005-04-22 15:20:59 (UTC)

My Alphabetized Existence/The Letter F

Fabric, buying
Fabric buying is one of my favorite pastimes. And
because I've been buying fabric for more than twenty years,
it's not like I need any more. I have bins of fabric in the
garage, boxes of it in four different closets and, of
course, more boxes in my sewing room. I love looking at the
colors and patterns. When it comes to using the final piece
of a favorite fabric I fret about where I'll use it and hate
to use the last bit of it up. I have lists of scrap quilts
that will use the smallest scraps which I truly do intend to
make someday.
I view my fabric collection as an artistic
investment. It's an expensive hobby but I don't spend much
on my hair or make-up or clothes or jewelry or other things
for myself so I don't feel too guilty about it.

I don't have an inordinate amount of fears but I
have some. I do not like creepy insects in part because
they startle me. I especially don't like spiders and have
nightmares about them. I worry about the health and safety
of family members probably more than most people do. I
think that's because people I've loved have died. I worry
about money and my own health probably as much as most people.

I've never seen a firefly. They don't exist on
the West Coast and when I did a little investigating I found
they think it's because they can't get over the Rocky
Mountains. I found that strange as other creatures have
managed to find their way over natural obstacles with man's
help so maybe that's not the right reason.

Fishing, rainbow trout
The last time I went fishing it was with my Dad
when I was in high school. We caught rainbow trout early in
the morning and had them for breakfast, fried in butter over
an open campfire.

My favorite flowers are old-fashioned ones--sweet
peas, snapdragons, lilacs and camellias.

I love how fog makes everything fey and
mysterious. However, I do not like driving when it's foggy.

Found objects
I keep my eyes open and often find little
things others miss. The last thing I came across was a
small silver frog charm on the sidewalk.

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