2005-04-22 15:06:30 (UTC)

My Week So Far

I've only put in the basics page for each day this week so
today I'll summarize some of what I did.

On Monday morning I spent several hours at the church
auditing last year's accounts. I did this with Rosalie K.
Karen came and brought more information that we needed and
Pastor Ruth came to cheer us on and encourage us and
thank us. It took us a little over three hours but we did
it and I mailed the official paper when the post office
opened at 1 p.m.

Tuesday evening we had our first quilt show meeting. The
church holds a quilt show every year on the third week-end
in May so I'm getting ready for that. I was asked if I'd
have the Snowbound quilt finished in time but I have my
doubts, especially as the weather turns warmer and I turn
from quilting to gardening and yard work. Pastor Ruth came
up with the idea of bringing my frame to the church during
the quilt show so that people could watch me working on it
and then later, when we were working on publicity ideas, she
suggested that maybe a reporter could interview me and take
a photo of the quilt before the quilt show. Karen is
setting that up. And I thought I would be signing up for
ticket taking and kitchen duty and baking pies. It turned
out to be a bit more.

Wednesday was a complicated day with three trips but there
was time in between each so everything managed to get done
without too much of a problem. It helped that we ate out as
that saved me from planning and preparing dinner.

On Thursday I brought Hugh to school early as one of his
classes had a field trip to the State Legislature in Salem.
He saw Mr. Dallum, our former school district
superintendent who created programs which helped my sons as
well as many other children in the district, who is now a
state legislator. Hugh and some of the other students went
with his teacher in his car. I was happy that he'd declined
the offer of a friend of his to ride as a passenger on his

Oh! And I finished two charity quilts I've been working on
as well this week although I unfortunately neglected to
photograph them before sending them off. One was a quilt
made of reproduction fabrics for "Home of the Brave"

I made a nine-patch strippy quilt of muted colors and
handquilted it in my hoop.

I also made a top for Quilts of Valor
which has been sent off to be machine quilted.