slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-04-22 22:39:57 (UTC)

subdiary 22-04-05


Master tried calling me earlier in day but the phone Gods
were again playing with Uus. Wwe had a good chat online
today. i have this problem with getting side tracked easily
so Master Joel is doing his best to keep me on track. Wwe
had so much to talk about and i felt that was accomplished
quite well.
Master asked if i felt i had not enough rules, too many
rules or am happy with amount of rules. i am basically
happy but at times i worried that i get all excited and
seem to ramble on too much. also at times, when i get
nervous i make a jokes so i told Master that maybe i need
rules on these things. He said he didnt want to stop me
talking freely as it is the best way to get to know me. and
if He begins to limit my talking i may fear expressing
myself for fear of punisment. My Master is so wonderful
and i feel He knows me better than myself at times. with
me getting sidetracked He will remind me to keep in the
subject which He had to do several times today.
then with the jokes He would remind me that it is a serious
time. i will get punishment if required on these issues.
Master said He feels at times that i desire punishment and
i desire correction.
He gave me another task which there is no race for it but
it is on my mind constantly now as i want so badly to
please Him with what i produce.

take care
slave jess {MJ}