void deck
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2005-04-22 09:22:20 (UTC)


physics paper tomorrow. and i am freaking out. been
studying everyday for the whole week and i still can't
solve the majority of the problems i encountered. i am
really going nuts.

it's weird when people ask me if i am stressed when exam's
coming, I always give a negative reply. if i really look
into my heart, i know that there is actually a longing to
do well, not only an average pass, but really, flying

i guess several years of education in singapore have made
me realise that i am not that smart after all. that there
will always be people (many of them, i must say) who are
smarter than me. who can do well with little effort.

but that is not a reason in not putting my best in what i
do, if you get what i mean. just because i won't be the
best does not mean that i am not obliged to give my best.

so, yeah, i don't feel stressed as compared to many other
people. but i do feel the pressure. the pressure to outdo
myself. the pressure to give my best. the pressure not to
shortchange myself.

and that gives rise to jitter.

exams do freak me out. although if i can choose, i would
not run away from it. because exams are good. it keeps you
in check and reminds you once in a while that you should
learn something from years of education.

it's amazing how i still remember some of the things i
learnt back in secondary school, and even primary schools.
i must credit it to te exams, when i am forced to make
sure i know exactly what i am learning.


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