About a Girl
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2005-04-22 06:12:44 (UTC)

start a new relationship u'll call it a friendship i'll call it a 2nd chance for u

i have been informed by someone (that someone is kilee)
that i flirt/hit on calvin and i am making him
uncomfortable..great..i don't think i hit on him that
much..i don't mean to it's just that i don't know how else
to talk to him..but i won't have to worry about
talking/flirting wit him for long cuz i am going to kill
him if he mentions one more time that he wants to hook up
wit someone (someone other than me) at my bday party..i
kinda get jealous..i don't like calvin..but i don't want
to see him wit another girl..he drives me crazy (and not
in a good way)..guys that like me as just a friend drive
me crazy..which is all guys..and don't get me wrong cuz i
love having guyfriends..guyfriends kick ass..but why can't
i have one guy who likes me more..wut is so unappealing
about me?? guyfriends say they would date me if we
weren't such good friends but they know me..guys have to
get to know me b4 they like me and by the time they get to
know me the friendship is strong and dating me might ruin
the friendship..i want a boyfriend who i don't have to
become friends wit first..but that's not possible cuz i
don't have the not attractive in that
not ugly..but i have a huge neon sign pointing at my head
saying "don't be more than friends wit this girl"..

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