Autum's Leaves
2005-04-22 03:34:34 (UTC)

My Old Shirt/Fuck Buddy

There's a shirt in my closet that I've had ever since I
was in the eighth grade. It's got holes in it, oil stains
and god knows what else. I love it to death and I have so
many fond memories of wearing it and getting it, but I
never wear it anymore. In fact I'd never wear it in
public, it's so old and used. I'd almost feel
embarrassed... But then I realized something the other
day. My shirt is my ex.

I got to see him a couple of days ago. He came over,
things were slow. We managed to make it into my room, and
slowly but surely, we were us again. Like always. We're so
comfortable together, I've never felt that way with anyone
and that closeness is precious to me, even though it's
with someone that I can't take out in public. We talked
about what "we" were, and decided that we were just weird
friends, because we're fuck buddies who don't actually
fuck (but what we do end up doing is nothing short of
fabulous) and we couldn't tell anyone we're fuck buddies.
Our friends just wouldn't like that, not at all.

I learned some other things too. Like a secret to
giving head. I was challanged. First, as always the
challange is to see if I can fit all of his balls in my
mouth, because they are in no way small. Secondly, I had
to figure out a way to get him off without using my hands,
because I have a set pattern that I do when giving head,
unless it's me giving crazy head. Regardless, I figured it
out and I was so happy that I didn't fail, because it took
awhile, let me assure you.

The Kid and I are still alright. Today wasn't a fun day
for the class I have with him, just because that class
pissed me off. I came back to school looking UBER pissed
for an almost non existant club meeting. Geez. Things get
so complicated at the end of the year.

Graduation is SO soon! Ah! I can't wait. I'm super

*sigh* There's sometimes I miss being in love...

Prom is this Sat. I still have to buy shit and I'm don
mega poor. But I think I'll get some money tomorrow.
Hopefully it'll be enough to pay for gas...and
dinner...and nails...Eh.

LOTR...nothin wrong with that.