my shit
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2005-04-22 03:02:20 (UTC)

fucked up...

yah....ever since me n cody broke up, im a wreck. this is
seriously the month for heartbreaks or sumthin....all my
friends r havin their problems too. i just wish i could
have him back...i love him so much!! yah me n tasha
have been skippin skool n finally we got caught n had to
do in-school tuesday. it fuckin sucked, no food, no pop,
no talkin(even tho we did...n we passed notes) n all that
dumb shit! plus, our principal made us write 250
times "I shall never again skip school because education
is the key to my future success!" yah bullshit huh!!!
haha my hand still fuckin hurts n its almost friday!!
wat a ass... yah last nite these 2 guys came over ones
18, ones 26 n they were pinnin me down n like rippin off
my clothes n ticklin me n grabbin me n i got pissed n now
they're pissed at me. heh its fucked up. boys r dum!!! n
i dont understand cody...sumtime he is so fuckin nice n it
makes me want him even more. but then he wont answer when
i call, he wont return my fone calls, nuthin so i start
getin over him. then he'll call me n i'll want him more
than ever. i miss holding him n kissing him n wrestling
around with him n partying with him n watching him do my
homework n uhhhh i want him back so bad....tonite was
kinda fun...kinda retarded tho me n tasha drove around n
smoked after skool, then we picked up megan then we drove
all over hell n smoked n then dropped her off n i was high
as fuck, then i dropped tasha off at leo's, she left with
colter n they went to tasha's n i went to my house. i
dont even member wat all happened lol o yah i havnt
been eating much at all. im never hungry...everything
looks like shit now. its fucked up n sunday i got a
interview for workin at hardee's fuckin rite dog! it'll
b kool cuz austin works there, leeann's gona try workin
there, kristyn works there, and baldo is gona work there.
im way excited!! me n leeann together will b bad tho
lmao we'll b fuckin around the hole damn time. n there
is sum fine as hell guy that works there....fuckin
hottie!!! but yah im gona try callin cody one more
time, then go to sleepy i got danceline @ 7 in the
morning tomorrow....wat a way to spend my friday
morning.... luv -elsa