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2005-04-22 01:07:32 (UTC)


Uncharacteristic AIM excerpt.

NazisLikePie: what is halcyon anyway?
Halcyon chimera: either a fabled bird or calm, happy, golden
Halcyon chimera: but a chimera can also be a sick beast of
various animal parts spliced together in a lab
Halcyon chimera: or a fanciful mental illusion
Halcyon chimera: i like
NazisLikePie: lol
NazisLikePie: so...a calm and peaceful horrific beast of
Greek mythology, composed of the head of a lion and a goat,
and a snake for a tail?
Halcyon chimera: actually, it can be any of the definitions
Halcyon chimera: wanted something random and slightly ironic
NazisLikePie: lol
NazisLikePie: okay then
Halcyon chimera: but lion goat and serpent are pretty
awesome animals to sew together
NazisLikePie: of course

Seriously, though, I'm a fan of chimaerae. Silent h.
Breathes fire. I was born in the Year of the Snake. I'm a
Leo, despite my personality. There are Goats in my town.
Everyone but my dad calls them "the Amish." she-monster.
grotesque product of the imagination. One who has received a
transplant of genetically and immunologically different tissue.
Twins with two immunologically different types of red blood
cells. A substance, such as an antibody, created from the
proteins or genes or two different species. Sister of
Cerberus and the Sphinx. If only there were a lost, crying
Minotaur in there somewhere..
Halcyon is also Greek mythology. a woman who was turned
into a kingfisher. a mythical bird said to breed at the time
of the winter solstice in a nest floating on the sea and to
have the power of calming the winds and waves. Calm and
peaceful; tranquil. Prosperous; golden.
Never wonder again. or do. Things have a way of coinciding

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