365 days with me...
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2005-04-22 00:13:17 (UTC)

he wants to come!!!

ok i am silly i didnt break with him OOO
he want to come to germany for a whole month i should check
him a hotel appartement oooo
and i told him pls darling all ur business is waiting for u
u cacnt stop ur work and come here!!!:)
but what to do???he si so jealosu i cant talk to people i
cant wear skirt and so on!!!!!!!!! hey come i thought the
centuries are gone from the wolrd but anyway not or???
well i am free to say no !!!!!!!!! but all his family knows
me by telling they see me like his wife!!!!!!!!!!ooo
i did a big mistake but anyway i will find a solution..i must:)
so well nothing new i am still at home i didnt find a
attratice job university will start 05/02 soon i am so glad
and happy!!!! my enemies are sure really happy to see mrs
pink again;)
good night to everybody:)