How To Be Dead

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2005-04-21 22:34:17 (UTC)

We're Both Such Magnificent Liars..So Crush Me Baby I'm All Ears

So..I'm bored, so..I decided to write in my diary to keep
me busy for 10 minutes! I'm having a slight disagreement
with Meghan and Orla at the moment cause they think cheese
is nice, when really..cheese is soo horrible! Well, they
found way more people that like cheese and I have no one
on my side in this..even Marc likes cheese..oh well,
enough about cheese. Woohoo..someone agreed with me!
Anyways, today I went to school as usual. I had double
english. Then a german test. Then...Irish and
then...Business and then..religion! Interesting day. After
school I went outside with people. After begin out for
ages we called for Aine. Orla usual hangs around with Aine
all the time but Orla got this thing in school and she got
all close to other people and she ditched Aine..which I
think is soo mean cause Aine is soo cool! Haha, she
probably didn't ditch..she just went up to Karens today
and Karen is the biggest muppet ever! Oh well..Orla and
Aine will probably be back hanging around with eachother
tomorrow and this is just me going overboard like always!
Right now I'm listening to music and talking to Meghan and
Marc on msn. I'm kinda talking to Orla too but Orla has
new msn buddies now so she doesn't talk to me half as much
as she used to anymore..which to be honest..doesn't really
bother me! She doesn't really go out anymore either..she's
gotten slightly addicted! I'm not really on that much
anymore..congratulations to me! Ashley will come back
someday tho and then I'll probably come on loads again. I
still miss her ;( Poor me. Ashleyyy..Come back!

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