Elizabeth M.
2005-04-21 21:43:19 (UTC)


I have been really sick for the past 2 days, I have been
waking up in the middle of the night and I am really hot, I
ake up in the morning and I want to vomit, I vomited
yesterday at work and again at home, I vomited this morning
before work and I have been really dizzy, sharp pains in my
adb/lower area. If this keeps up I am going back to see my
A co-worker for whom I talked to gave me good advise. But
I know in time it will take a while for me to get it.
"Who cares about what other people think about you, Fuck
them, they are not important. Only think about how you feel
about yourself, only you know yourself, and the people that
have come to know you ,.....knows how you are."
A lot of people that I know have said that to me over and
over, but .... I still remain the same about it. I know
that I shouldn't care about what others say about me, I
know that they don't matter to me but it still hurts. I
have never liked anyone talking bad about me and I freak
out about it. I am unsure why tho? I have never said
anything bad about any of my ex's, I have told nothing but
the truth. Ex # 1- is a drug addict and loves to party and
drink. Ex # 2- very controling/ crazy. Ex # 3- Lied alot
and used people/drugs/gave me herpies. I have loved each
and everyone of them. I still care about #1 and 3, they
were not crazy,they just had addiction, I have only wanted
the best for them. # 1 still til this day comes by
everyonce in a while to check up on me.
I have a lot of feelings and I care alot about people who
are in my life, I see nothing wrong w/that. And if someone
asks for help and I can help them then I will.

You didn't seem to mind me helping you at the time we were
together, helping you w/your bils and etc. YOu never helpd
or even be there for me,if someone asks me to do something
I don't have a problem doing it, I never tried to buy you
or your love, I was just trying to help you out and make
you happy. I am sorry that I couldn't figure it out that
you were just playing me until Karen came back into your
pittiful life. I was the stupid one to believe that you
honestly love me and had feelings for me, I am stupid only
because I fell for it and I thought that you were being
honest with me when you said that you loved me and wanted
to be w/me. I can tell you one thing, I aint no bitch. so
all I have to say "FUCK YOU!!", I don't give a shit anymore
about you.

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