East yorkshire diary of a countryman
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2005-04-21 21:19:54 (UTC)

deerhound shows and marsh harriers

Last friday night, saturday and sunday was the deerhound
club annual show held in coventry this year. As I dont
drink I passed on staying down at the hotel and just went
down for the Saturday. Friday night rained hard and maddie
had a great run in the rain chasing the few rabbits daft
enough to be out in the wet. They incite her to run but
instead of following one she switches from one to an other
or else runs like hell round the outsides very much like a
sheep dog. She came back with blood streaming down her
back leg and visions of not being able to show sprang to
mind, but it was only a pin prick with the wet spreading
the blood all over. the out come of this was her harsh
wiry coat now looked like a fluff ball once dry. Not the
ideal image for a sight hound.
we got lost findig the hotel and arrived half an hour
later than intended but bitches are shown last so we only
missed a few of the dog pups.
The show was held outside in the hotel grounds (most
deerhounds prefer to be out on grass)in what was like a
natural ampitheatre. it was a shame it was too wet to sit
on the grass. Talk about cold, the wife used the toilets'
hand driers to get some warmth back into her hands and by
the time we left at 5 pm (show still going on we were cold
and achey perhaps some alcohol from the previous night may
have helped!
We met with friends and made some new ones and for once
maddie was on best behaviour in the two classes she was
entered in. Normally she has trouble keeping two legs on
the ground at atime as she tends to enjoy showing off to
the extent that she bounces oh well one gets noticed one
way or another.
we had big classes and although the judge kept coming back
to us we were not picked into the first 5 places. i like
to think we could have been sixth.

Today we went down the river bank again with it being a
fine sunny night. Only one pair of greylag geese on the
pond and a rather teritorial male mute swan with wings
held up pursuing the goose. presumably his wife was
nesting somewhere in the reeds.
then we saw it the first time this season, flying low over
the reeds a marsh harrier lifting up with a few flaps and
then soaring back down with its wings in the
characteristic open "V" shape. we watched as it hunted
along the river before dropping into the reeds. I look
forward to more views this summer.
The swallows have been with us for over a fortnight now
but sightings are still sporadic from twenty or so hawking
insects over the ponds to a solitary one flitting through
farm buildings, probably waiting the arrival of a mate,

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