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2005-04-21 20:18:13 (UTC)

Whats right??

I thought that i had found the perfect guy. The one who
actually loved me and only me. But maybe i was wrong. I
love Lewis with all my heart but i don't understand why he
does the things the does.

i know i wasn't the best girlfriend and now i'm not the
best wife but i don't like being lied to and i specially
don't like being played. i'm not saying that he's playing
me, i think he really loves me but i also think he has
feelings for somebody else.

he hasn't told me anything after finding out that he told 4
other people that he loved them, its hard not to come to
that conclusion.

lately, i've been extremely negative about everything and
its been hard for lewis to handle. I don't blame him. i
know i'm a difficult person. i act the way i do b/c i don't
ever wanna lose him. he is my life. he really is the best
thing that ever happened to me!

i just really need to learn to be positive & to have faith
in me and him.


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