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2005-04-21 15:35:55 (UTC)

half as warm

Today is about half as warm as it has been and it SUCKS!
Right now my window is open and I am FREEZING!!!! what the
hell!? Yeah and I am too lazy to get up and close it.
Yesterday I didn't end up working at the store. I worked at
Buckley... I told the store that I had a head ache. Shit I
get paid alot more and it goes by quicker why the hell
wouldn't I do that!? I think I might quit there (at the
store). But I am not sure yet. I am just fed up with
everything. Work was ok. Right after work I went to the gym
and worked out. I stayed there for almost two hours. I am
kind of sore today. But oh well. I think I am going to go
today, just to run and to go tanning. You arent supposed to
lift weights everyday anyways... Well the same muscles
everyday. I don't know if I want to go right now, or after
work later. I have to work today 3-8. I have to go in
earlier because we have a meeting. Joy! Won't that be fun!
Last night Nat came over and we met Chels and Buddy at
Denny's. We hung out... then afterwards me and Natalie went
to Wegman's to check out the price of something... and I
went home. She borrowed a couple of movies from me and
left. We are supposed to hang out Saturday night. Hopefully
everything works out like planned!! So last night I watched
the rest of The Incredibles. It was a really good movie. I
want to buy it. Haha. Then I went to bed. I got up at 11
today. But yeah anyways... I'm going to go now.

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