Eyes of an Angel
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2005-04-21 10:31:22 (UTC)


Life is so complex and complicated!! I often find myself
doing things that I know are crazy and stupid. This is when
I have to take a step back and ask myself why??? I have yet
to answer that question. I give so much of myself to other
people and not enough attention to myself!! WHY??? I think
it is easier for me to give than get yet i want to have
people give stuff to me emotionally. So WHY do I shut down
and hide??? I hope one day to not be so shy and scared. I
have a girl I really like and I hope that she will like me
and we can date. But that is scary 2 me cuz i am trying not
to close myself off. Let her get to know me and me get to
know her. WHY???? Why am I so scared to be VULNERABLE???
Can anyone tell me? Can anyone help me answer this?? I
don't think so cuz I need to find it out for myself I
believe. But till I do I will always be the way I am. A
good friend and willing to listen to anything that my
friends need!! I guess that makes me a good person. Does

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