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2005-04-21 02:20:31 (UTC)


today was a good day.....

normal things happened...the usuall fun day in lunch and gym followed
by hallariousness in english....

ian most definatly wore panty hose and had boobs.....clayton made a
comment on a monthly cycle...the L-O-V-E song was told....i was a geek
and a man...jo was once again retarded....and i almost cried from
laughing so hard....

i came home to spend sum time outside...and actually looked at my
baby book!!! it was adorable...i dfound a slip of paper from my very first
swim meet ever!!! i was eight andid only been swimming for a month...
and it was funny seeing the MASSIVE change in time...

went to polo and did sweet!!! it was soo frickin fun tonight...ate twizzlers
on the way home.. : D

this whole marsh sneaking phone calls mos def ISNT working....he called
me when i was at polo....and for fear of his 6'4 very strong very fast
father.....i did not call him back....be afraid very afriad.....

and always tuck in your shirts...

happy 4/20!! the under cover cop/lunch nazi/ex porn star had alot of
pot busting to do !!! the cop VAN was called in at lunch ....it was cool....

peace luv n cupcakes