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2005-04-21 01:04:39 (UTC)

Hump Day

Ok, so it's wednesday...and it's usually tha slowest day
in tha week...but as for me... a girl who is in love with
a rockstar...bka phil stone... it's a great day!! Simply
because i received an e-mail today from one mr. stone that
basically thanked me for being such a dedicated fan of SA
and requested that i come to tha Blackout... and where all
black... OMG!! Phil actually told me to go to tha
Blackout!! Do you realize how excited that makes me!!! Cuz
anyone who's my friend would know that I really like DJ Stone or
Durden!!!...whatever he goes by....i'll call him WHATEVER he
wants me to call him...
On a different subject, CONGRATS to flertkilla and toy!!
I know my buddy toy is so fucking excited that it just
don't make no sense...u'll be a damn awesome god-mother!!
and flertkilla will be a damn awesome mom!!! It's just too
cool!! I'm a god-mama of sorts to my I really
know that it's exciting when you hear tha news...just
remember toy...BREATHE!!!! Tell F.K. I said good luck!!
or I can tell her myself...whatever...if you think she
won't mind that people know about it...
well, i'm out...gotta go home....
1life, much love, xoxo

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