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2005-04-20 22:13:08 (UTC)

Clinical Psychology

I hate psychologists. I am not sure, but I'm guessing
resentment stems from the time I was hauled away to a
mental institution in a straight jacket. But enough about
my first day of high school.

Seriously, though, psychology is a joke. I rate it right
up there with the O.J. trial and Kwanzaa.

The problem with psychology stems from its' founder, the
late Sigmund Freud. He was preoccupied with the idea that
every male on the planet secretly wants to have sex with
his mother. Rather than rid himself of these disturbing
fantasies, he created a new branch of "science" to explain

Alas, Freud could now go on having his bizarre fantasies
without fear of being ostracized. At the very least, I'll
give him credit for creativity.

Unfortunately, Freud was dead wrong about men's sexual
fantasies. A good friend pointed out over dinner that,
while he truly liked his mom and all, he would never want
to have sex with her.

I quickly added that, while I truly liked the bowl of
pasta I had for dinner, I was able to restrain myself from
making love to it (hold the cream sauce please).

And so, a group of so-called experts who base their
practice on the work of a man who wants to bang his mom
are somehow qualified to judge my mental health.

What is this world coming to? I mean, you bite one
teacher, and suddenly they all think you're crazy . . .