2005-04-20 21:51:41 (UTC)


Man, Idk what the deal is, but I have had serious headaches
for about a week and a half lately. My mom thinks it is
because I need new contacts. IDK. Sorry Eleesa I havn't
really been able to get back to you.
I just had an ephifiny, I think I want to be a hermit
because I really hate the world the way it is. Watching me
with my family I think that is my personality, watch
something that is really bugging you instead of trying to
fix it. So naturally the same patterns occur. IDk maybe if
the world bothers me so much I sould become a politician. I
would be a bad one, no one would vote for me. I am lazy,
really really really lazy. The hermit method would be
eaisier.I got a new skirt today!!!!! Gotta love gap, I was
going to get it for easter but I felt really bad about
having something that cost so much when there are people on
the other side of the world that are starving. So I waited
for it to go on sale. Eleesa you and Breanna need to keep
the last saturday of this month open, I have something
really really really really fun planned. So please keep it
open. I will tell you more about it later. JUst plleasse.
Well I gtg. Love ya both. Three feet please write something
so I know you are alive. Gotta run,

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