Elizabeth M.
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2005-04-20 20:29:17 (UTC)

Thinking about

Why is it that when you are down on your luck you turn to
god? Why would god even listen to your crys for help. What
have you done for him? LIes, cheating, more lies,
destructive behavoir, Why would he care about you? That's a
question I want answered. Karen once wrote me and said
something along the line that "why do people turn to god
when there life isnt going there way?" She's got a point. I
guess it makes certain people believe that they are doing
right things verse wrong things. I know the difference in
righ and wrong. Iknow that most of the guys I have been
with are losers just like what Karen said. I try to find
hope in those that I think that I can help out. But who
wants to be told that they are wrong and stupid for doing
certain things? No one not even me. You learn for your self
and you continue to make these mistakes until you can get
them right.
LIke I said before over and over, YOu can paint this evil
picture of me to make yourself feel better but everyone
knows that you are a lier. God will not embrase you, you
have done terrible things to people for whom have loved
you. I am not sure if you can change at all. You condem me
for being who I am, a loving kind person who would do
anything for the ones I love, who was there when ever you
needed me, who stood by your side, who never judge your
passed and who you are. BUt you praise a whore who betrayed
you the hole time you were together and lied to your face
over and over and was never by your side. Does that make
any sence? I don't think it does. But.... in time I hope he
learns his lesson. He will figure things out because he is
smart and will take his time.
I am smart as well and I know what is going to happen in
my future and in others. I just love watching the out come
and being right.

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