2005-04-20 17:19:06 (UTC)

Hectic...just the way I love it...

So I started really slaking after mastery. Started
thinking about guys too much. Became late for some of my
classes a couple of times out of the week, and am pretty
behind. My book report for history is due in two weeks,
not to mention we just had a test in that class and I only
3/4 studied for it. Damn I better A's that class. Besides
that, tomorrow I have a test in Math, and I am currently
getting a D in that class, so I must A's it, but I'm 50
pages behind.

Today I have to stop by the office for someone is coming
for me. Then Tim and I are going prospectin. It's so much
fun when you're not teaching someone the stuff, but just
competing with an individual worth competing with. This
prospecting with Tim is going to go on, on an average
basis. We need to get our numbers up. I'm glad he did what
he did. This got me back on track, and realizing that all
I need to do is a little more, and it doesn't matter what
you say, as long as you're getting activity. Numbers in
numbers out, no matter what.

Now, I've started yet another journal. This is my big red
notebook, I think I'm calling it that, or The juicy stuff.
I'll call it the big red notebook. This is a collection of
all of my experiances with the guys I've kissed. It is
designed for my memory, ideas to bounce off of in making
scripts, and a system of honesty, incase any
future "boyfriend" of mine thinks that I am dishonest, or
unfaithful. It was fun to get all of my stuff out there on

Next, guys are still in the progress. Still in the mix. No
good ones coming out, but it's numbers in and numbers out.
I will get some coffee now.

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