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2005-04-20 16:38:36 (UTC)

Well, i didnt really feel like..

Well, i didnt really feel like writing anything
yesterday, and to update on Danielle, im really woried
about her. She didnt come to skool today and i think she is
really hurt this time, i think he really hurt her this
time. But i dont kno, im just paranoid when it comes to
Danielle. Anymawayz, Monday i was supposed to go fishing
wid Bobby, but instead we went to Matt Moser's so he could
get recognition for sending in tha demo cd to 106.5. Well,
when we got there Matt looked like he just got up, he had
his hair standing up and shit and he was all sexy... He has
an aggrivating dog too. Its all little and
half as small as a fuckin chiuaua.Anywayz, He wanted to
drive bobby's car and enjoyed going about 80 down tha road
a little too much. Don't get me wrong I LOVE speed, but oh
well...Did you kno that he doesn't own any of his own CD's?
He does, however, own tha only copy of tha acoustic show
thingy at Pembrooke and me and bobby are gonna burn us a
copy of it. Yea, we might ride with Matt Friday to their
show at tha Somewhere Else TAvern in Greensboro, im not
sure yet, but mabe. Bobby is contacting him today about it
and i emailed him like 10 minutes ago. Yea, i think we hit
it off pretty well if i do say so myself and hope to, see
more of matt, yea, thats tha way to put it. Well, I have
figured out a way to stay here and NOT go to Florida over
tha summer. go To Skool. Yep, me and bobby are going to go
sign up for a placemnt test hopefully this weekend and get
our little study packets and shit, and then next week go
and take it. And if i pass, them im in and it's for free.
My mom will really agree to this too i think. I am so
hungry. I just got back to lunch and im fuckin hungry as
hell. Im always eating, i wonder why? I dont kno or care
for that matter tho so yea...I have about 7 red skittles (
which are tha best ) and thats abput it. Well, i can't
really think of anything else to say except that i'm
worried about Danielle.....Matt is sexy....and Amber White
is whore on tha hood of a truck!!!!( inside joke )

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